Day 2

linkPosted by Nadine 2014-02-18 11:00:23

Today we explored a bit the south-east . The walk started from home towards the Jinjiang River. The sidewalks were filled with lots of people and the roads with lots of cars.

After some time we reached the river and went along it passing by the Wangjiang Tower Park and the Lounge Bridge.

Then it was time to take the Metro from Dongmen Bridge to Tianfu Square. It feels a bit like being at the Airport. We needed to cross security and bags were x-rayed. but that is ok. :-)

As we arrived at Tianfu Square we found a hugh square surrounded by shopping malls, skyscrapers and a Mao Statue and in the middle a big fountain.

After having a cheesecake and tea break in a cosy little place, it was time to return home for today. Later we will have som hopefully nice chinese food :)

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